Lohas Beans - Coffee -n- Caramel Experience

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True coffee enthusiast looks for flavor and aroma experience, indispensable for a family sharing or among friends. These aroma characteristics are printed from its origin, and they are carefully guarded by traditional farmers with widely experienced and passionate for their crop.

Café Lohas is a brand conscious of social responsibilities by caring for their quality and sustainable production to be able to deliver the highest standards for coffee enthusiasts.

Café Lohas is an independent coffee producer, responsible for consumer satisfaction and coffee farmers of indigenous communities that allows to excel notes of caramel, sugarcane or others in the coffee.

Within Café Lohas product catalogue, 3 are considered star products: Tolima Special, Honey Deluxe Edition and Zero Caffeine.

The positive impact that Lohas Beans has delivered within the communities has been awarded a Company B title Certificate as an example to other coffee producer around organic crop and fair trade.

After trying Café Lohas, you will not want to try any another.

To know more in detail the specifications of each category or to know the benefits for resellers in your country, you can contact us at: mail