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When buying chocolate, it is important to check on the percentage of cocoa, place of origin and sugar levels. If you are looking for healthier snacks, look for chocolates without milk and with a high percentage of cocoa.

A chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa contains flavonoids, which are the compounds that give cacao its antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of suffering diseases associated with aging and stress, such as cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

It contains high levels of magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, among other minerals and vitamins, besides other 300 natural chemicals, which increases mood, energy and satiety.

The place of origin allows you to know the quality of the cocoa with which it is produced, that allows you to supposition how sweet or bitter the cocoa can be in its pure state.

The perfect combination between percentage, texture and mixtures with dried and dehydrated fruits, has placed the Kalú chocolate among the favorite of the region by replacing also sugar cane instead of the industrial one in its production processes.

Offering Chocolate Kalú on to customers allows a higher emotional experience of a chocolate to remember.