Quality Leather, by Balsa

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In 2017, the IFLS (International Footwear & Leather Show) confirmed the success that Balsa has been acquiring in countries such as France, Panama and Chile as a leading Colombian leather goods brand regarding innovation among practical design that improves day-to-day experience of contemporary professional.

With a heritage of more than 30 years of experience working on leather, the spin-off Balsa initiated as a Colombian family dream. The focus of the designs is to emblem the entrepreneurial character that identifies our country, since we solve our customer’s requirements through innovation and functionality.

Since we have the experience and control of our entire production chain, we have the freedom to explore new processes and concepts, which is why innovation is our main commitment within a traditional sector.

Reinventing the raft of the ancient Indians to a modern concept with premium quality standards has been the purpose and current success of the brand.

If you consider your belongings special, you will be interested in knowing the new Balsa collections.

It’s not about making a good impression, is about keeping it over time.