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4/16/20212 min read

Since being established in the 15th century, the coffee industry has become an essential player within the economy worldwide. In the United States alone, coffee has the third-largest consumption of all beverages. Because of this, the retail market for coffee in this country has been estimated to reach $47.4bn in 2022.

The reasons above should be enough to inspire your business mind to develop your own custom coffee brand. Undoubtedly, the industry is enormous, has a thriving community, and can exponentially grow your restaurant or bakery.

Don’t believe us? Here are more reasons why:


Higher sale rates are excellent, but more significant profit margins are most important. By creating a custom coffee brand, you can achieve this with ease. Purchasing beans, coffee bags, and branding in Colombia offers an opportunity to have a competitive advantage to satisfy customers with better quality and a profit margin advantage.

The most favorable coffee supplier for the United States is Colombia. Currently, they harvest 810,000 metric tons of coffee beans each year. Farmers in this country offer immensely affordable prices, low transportation costs and can support volatile demand spikes without any disturbances.

Through Colombian coffee you can find an easy way to make money by upselling products, save money by improving margins and increase customer visits to your local restaurant/bakerie or online shop.


More substantial profits are superb, but you need to generate regular sales first. The most effective way of achieving this is by investing in brand exposure through various marketing methods. However, with 29 percent of Americans drinking two coffees a day, planting your custom coffee brand in their kitchens will help significantly.

Including the above, it provides restaurants and bakeries the chance to move online. Here, you can go above and beyond your takeaway region to worldwide. By creating a structured and well-rounded plan around this, brand exposure can be enhanced enormously.


Lastly, your soon-to-be custom coffee brand can generate reoccurring sales. Coffee eventually runs out, meaning another purchase is required. For this reason alone, 173 million bags of coffee are produced yearly.

It’s clear that coffee can offer that business growth you’re hoping for. You’ll undoubtedly see returns from successfully implementing this into your business operations, which you’ll never look back on.


After reading the above, you should have a clearer, more comprehensive idea of why your business should be considering making a custom coffee brand. But how exactly are you able to achieve this?

Developing a coffee brand that’s structured around your business has never been easier with the white-labeling service of Market Place Colombia. They’re a company that simplifies the process of harvesting, designing, and packaging your own coffee beans. Within their operations, they have access to 20+ certified Colombian coffee farms, support the country's coffee federation, and offer expert advice throughout the process. To detail Colombia's top-selling coffee-building product, click here.

The company itself offers highly thorough services aimed to enhance the success levels of their clients. Additionally, they don’t require you to commit to high volumes of coffee, and you can start from just $80! To review product details or for purchasing purposes, click here.

Now you know this, why not start selling your very own-branded Colombian coffee and start receiving the benefits we mentioned above.

For more information to know how you can scale your brand through coffee, reach us out here.

flat lay photography of coffee latte, ground coffee, and coffee beans
flat lay photography of coffee latte, ground coffee, and coffee beans