Coffee Quest (2021 Season Leaders Q1 - 3 bags)

Coffee Quest (2021 Season Leaders Q1 - 3 bags)

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Season selection of colombian coffee leaders for 2021 Q1 (Ariago Café, Colo Coffee, 4 Elementos):

Product includes: 3 bags, 4.4oz - 125gr each

Ariago Café Company:

With a historic tradition that starts in the 1930`s, Ariago Coffee produces and sells special single origin coffee from the Colombian coffee region, a territory listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In this way we contribute to preserve the legacy that our grandparents left us.

We grow our coffee directly on the Los Alamos farm, which allows us to control quality from seed to cup. Our coffee is handcrafted as our ancestors did, hand-picked, carefully selected, and sun-dried. Likewise, we apply advanced fermentation techniques that, together with an optimal roasting temperature, extract the best from each bean.

Colo Coffee Company:

Our master roaster profiles the coffees to give you an incredible experience and show you the diversity of Colombia in a cup of coffee.

We believe in doing things with intense passion. We believe in Colombia, in the wealth of our land and our people. We value curiosity and innovation. We love sharing stories and connecting through them.

We want to share this passion with you, from the Colombian countryside to your cup of coffee.

4 Elementos Café Company:

We are creators of sustainable coffee, where we use the best agricultural practices and artisanal transformation processes, care for the environment, offer our employees fair treatment and apply social responsibility to their families.  All of this helps us so you can enjoy delicious aromas-flavors and that you recognize us as producers of specialty coffee.